Refund Policy


Most Products ordered are to be custom built to fit the purchaser's requirements and this order is NON-CANCELABLE other than as provided by law. (See buyers right to cancel on front of contract)


Our contracts are between the parties and no statement representation or
agreement written or oral, expressed or implied, not herein expressly set forth shall be considered as part of this contract or binding upon the parties hereto. Any changes to a contract must be in writing, signed by all parties and referred to in the contract which it amends.


Title to the goods shall remain in seller until payment in full therefore is made and said goods shall remain and considered as personal property, subject to repossession by seller in case of default by purchaser, irrespective of being attached to or made a part of any realty. Seller also retains the right to claim and enforce any and all contractor's mechanics and or material man's lien against any realty to which said goods may be attached or become a part to which it may be entitled under the law.


It is understood that the terms of payment are as specified on the front of a contract and that time is of the essence.


Contract shall be considered to be in default in the event that payment is not timely made. LATE FEES: Amounts that are 30 days past due will be charged interest at the rate of 1 % percent per month on the unpaid balance.

In the event the monies due hereunder have to be collected upon demand of any attorney or suit has to instituted for the enforcement hereof, the purchaser agrees to pay all costs thereof, including reasonable attorney's fees.


Proper venue of any action taken pursuant to this agreement shall be Sussex County, Delaware. It is further understood that all payments due under this contract shall be made at the company offices in Sussex County, Delaware.

All agreements herein imposed upon seller shall be subject to prior sale war, governmental regulations and requirements, embargoes, material shortages, labor strikes, fuel shortages and other factors beyond the sellers control which prevent or delay performance by the seller.

This company reserves the right to reject any contract which does not conform to its standards of design, pricing, available merchandise or other materials within the discretion of company officials.


While we do accept returns of some items that are not custom made, in these case we charge 30% restocking fee (on the original sale).

If you are returning a non-defective product, you must pay return shipping fees.

In order to return your product: You must contact us to get a valid RA within 30 days from the date your product left the warehouse (regardless of when you actually took delivery of the product) and get your product to a shipper to return back to us.  It does not have to be back in our warehouse within 30 days, but it does have to be in the possession of the shipper (along with the valid RA).


All returns must be complete. If your return is not complete, it will be rejected and returned back to you.  All returns must include the following:

  • Original packaging (box, corner board, styrofoam, plastic bags, etc.)
  • Valid Return Authorization (RA).
  • Original packing slip.
  • All accessories (transformers, antennas, remote controls, batteries, etc.)
  • Documentation (manuals, warranty cards, registration information, etc.)