Roll Down Security Grille

Security Grille for Storefronts, Malls, Stores, Kiosks and more Security Grille

Roll down security grilles are the security systems that have gained the most popularity for retail and commercial protection.  By using the unobtrusive grille system, a property can be secured when closed while allowing shoppers to still view merchandise after hours.

Display windows and entryways remain inviting and enticing as compared to a storefront with solid shutters or bulky iron gates.  Equally important, our grilles feature safety and aesthetic advantages over other systems:

• End retention system: provides a higher level of security.

• Grille can be mounted on the interior or exterior of the glass

• Operation can be manual or motorized for easy use

• Centrally located heavy duty mortise lock on the bottom bar that locks into the side rails, our system allows you to keep your entryway free from tripping hazards.

Common Applications include:

  • Store Fronts, Retail Stores
  • Counters (Bars, Tiki Bars, Pharmacy)
  • Gun Stores, Gun Racks
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Gas Stations
  • Pawn Shops

Other special features of our security grille include: your choice of 5 color housings to blend with your building; multiple locking options; all aluminum rods for longevity and weight management; and smaller housings than the competition.







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